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About us

Ensuring Mission Success

Stirling GM provides end to end management consulting services that support our clients comprehensive program lifecycle requirements to enhance operational efficiency and project execution. Our services encompass the entire program lifecycle from opportunity inception through contract execution, specializing in capture, proposal, and program management best industry practices that are designed to streamline processes and ensure the successful delivery of defense projects. We partner with our clients to implement capture and proposal management strategies that increase the Probability of Win (Pwin) and enhance performance by improving our clients’ competitiveness and program execution. Our experience is based on decades of working in defense and aerospace acquisition, serving clients throughout the United States to include both domestic acquisition programs and foreign military sales.


CEO & Founder

Robert Walker

Robert Walker

CEO and Founder

Mr. Walker is a multi-disciplinary experienced, results-oriented executive with a proven track record of combining program, proposal and capture management leadership, business development, and marketing/communication talents to develop new and existing go to market strategies that drive sustained increases in global sales. Decisive leader with proven success in developing and leading high-impact teams to establish lasting presence in new markets, identify growth opportunities and establish strong business alliances. Consistently demonstrates executive presence, effective cross functional and executive engagement and lead diverse, high-performance teams in translating those challenges into business solutions.

Rob Walker: CEO & Founder at Stirling Global Management. A Legacy of Leadership and Innovation in Defense and Aerospace.

Mr. Walker has over 30 years’ experience providing Program Lifecycle solutions that include Strategic Planning, Marketing, Communications, Capture, Proposal and Program Management services.

Mr. Walker has established himself as a preeminent expert in defense and aerospace which began with an illustrious career in the US Navy Submarine Force, where he served as a Nuclear Trained, Qualified Engineer.  This role set the foundation for his deep-seated expertise in complex systems and critical operations, marking the start of a career defined by excellence and leadership.

Mr. Walker’s military service was characterized by his rigorous training and unparalleled discipline, hallmarks that have propelled his professional trajectory. A proud graduate of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion School, he excelled in a program known for its demanding standards and intensive curriculum, further solidifying his technical acumen and strategic prowess.

Transitioning from military to civilian life, Mr. Walker leveraged his unique skill set to make significant inroads into the defense and aerospace sectors. His roles have spanned the gamut of Program Lifecycle Management, where he has been instrumental in steering projects from inception to completion, ensuring operational excellence and innovation at every turn.

In addition to his vast practical experience, Mr. Walker is equally committed to academic excellence. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of the Pacific, an achievement that underscores his analytical skills and scientific insight. Furthering his education, he obtained both a Master of Science and an MBA from San Diego State University, credentials that highlight his multifaceted understanding of technical and business disciplines.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Mr. Walker has made significant contributions as a Management Consultant, where he has applied his strategic insight to guide organizations through complex challenges and transformative processes. His expertise in this area is not just a testament to his versatile skill set but also to his commitment to fostering growth and innovation across industries.

Mr. Walker’s career is a testament to a life dedicated to excellence, leadership, and service. His contributions to the defense and aerospace sectors, combined with his military achievements and academic accolades, have left an indelible mark on the industry. As he continues to inspire and lead, Mr. Walker remains at the forefront of technological advancements and strategic development, shaping the future of defense and aerospace with every endeavor.


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