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Capture Management:

At Stirling GM, we believe in a disciplined, gate review managed process with clear entry and exit criteria to validate an opportunity and develop an actionable strategy to increase your Pwin. The fundamentals of our process involve supporting our clients at every phase of the pursuit to include:

  1. Opportunity Identification/Qualification – Identify and develop the core competencies and manage the opportunity through actionable reviews and formal implementation of required improvements that focus on “What we need to do to Win”.
  2. Capture Management – Develop a detailed understanding of the competitive landscape; collaborate with the customer to shape expectations; develop win strategy and messaging that supports and validates customer requirements.
  3. Proposal Development – Build on the Capture Plan to develop, plan and deliver a proposal that is: compliant; resonates with the customer’s issues, concerns and desires; and tells a compelling “Why Us?” story.

The below figure provides a summary of the Capture Management Process that aligns the phases of pursuit with the Customers milestones to validate the opportunity and to ensure we develop an actionable plan to increase the Pwin for the opportunity.

Image showing Capture Management.

Capture Management Services

Develop Capture Plans – Develop, review, and implement capture plans that are built on industry best practices that include:

  • Provide review and analysis of the opportunity and formulate a plan to address gaps and weaknesses and enhance strengths.
  • Prepare and facilitate the Capture Kickoff Meeting

Conduct Customer and Opportunity Research – Develop customer intelligence that is based on past and present customer tendencies and future market analysis that is based on DoD budget analysis.

Perform Competitive Intelligence – Conduct analysis based on industry expert input and detailed comparison make Pwin assessments to provide a quantifiable measure of market position.

Develop and Evolve Win Themes and Strategies – Capture a realistic assessment of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that are quantifiable by relevant metrics that align with customer pain points and clearly differentiate our offering above the competition.

Assemble a Winning Team – Through gap analysis and, expert understanding of the market, we support our clients in building the winning team to maximize their score in the evaluation process.

Implement Gate Review Process – Provide our clients with disciplined process that provides visibility and transparency to the business development leadership so that reasonable and effective bid/no bid decisions can be made.

Capture Team Just in Time Training – As part of our support to our clients, we provide Capture Management experts that can provide end to end capture lifecycle training on all aspects of industry best practices.

Capture Management and Analysis Leadership – Stirling GM can provide leadership and/or support in any of the Capture Plan roles and responsibilities.

Pricing Strategy and Price to Win – Stirling GM provides expertise in all of the commonly accepted price to win approaches.

Proposal Development

At Stirling GM, we use an iterative development and disciplined review process that builds quality into the proposal by architecting and engineering compliant compelling, competitive and winning proposals. Our process is based on several core fundamental competencies:

  • Complies with the solicitation requirements – Explicitly answers all of the customer’s questions
  • Stands on its own – It is factual, benefit-oriented, and takes nothing for granted
  • Is strategy driven – Win strategy establishes themes and messages
  • Builds quality in – does not edit it in – Work is front-loaded with continuous improvement through incremental reviews
  • Relies on early program and management planning – Detail in baseline documents substantiate credibility of proposed cost
  • Follows a detailed proposal plan – Managed to maintain schedule and tracked by extensive metrics

The below figure provides an overview of our proposal management process:

Image of Proposal Development.

Proposal Management Services

Creating a complete and comprehensive compliance matrix – The compliance matrix is based on all of the customer requirements and provides a consummate check list to ensure that the proposal responds to ALL of the customer requirements.

Drafting an outline based on customer instructions – The outline needs to be compliant with the proposal requirements and provide the proposal evaluator with an outline that facilitates the proposal review.

Developing a schedule with critical milestones – The proposal schedule provides the actionable plan that manages the progress of the proposal.

Assigning tasks to proposal contributors – Action item tracking is an imperative to execute an actionable plan that ensures accountability.

Conducting regular “stand-up” status meetings – Proposal management is a dynamic, ever-changing process that requires team focus through daily status meetings.

Facilitating a proposal kickoff meeting – The proposal kickoff meeting is extremely important to the process to set ground rules and proposal process details, document assumptions, establish roles and responsibilities, communicate schedule and develop next steps.

Organizing and leading proposal pink team reviews and red team reviews – Color team reviews are essential to building quality into the proposal.

Overseeing production and final proposal submission – Production is the final step to deliver a professional, well reviewed, compliant, compelling and winning proposal.

Program Management

Successful program execution requires an experienced program manager who understands the all of requirements of Government acquisition to include:

  • Develop program baseline solutions – Develop and manage technical, management, and cost baselines solutions
  • Contract requirements monitoring and compliance reporting
  • Program performance monitoring and reporting
  • Risk monitoring, mitigation and reporting
  • Subcontractor management

Program management capabilities that shall be provided in support of SBS are summarized as follows:

Program Management Capabilities

Program Management Features

Mid and Small Business Benefit

Baseline Management

Baseline development is communicated in the proposal and managed during program execution to meet the customer requirements to manage configuration and risk.

Optimizes your program performance and enables proactive response to change

Cost & Schedule Management

Stirling GM cost and schedule management provides accurate and responsible cost forecasting and monitoring based on your Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Ensures on-time and on-budget deliveries to your customer

Subcontractor Management

Stirling GM experience in subcontract integration helps create an efficient, productive environment for subcontractor source selection, scope, and performance management

Dedicated attention to subcontractor performance ensures quality in delivery of services

Quality Management

Standardization enables repeatability, efficiency, consistency, and measurement. We custom fit our QA solutions to satisfy the specific the requirements of your program

Performing to compliance standards and prepared for audits

Risk Management

Stirling GM risk management processes alleviate the necessity for reactive problem solving, helping to identify and mitigate risks proactively

Enables early actions to minimize overall impact

Technical, Leadership & Communication Support

Stirling GM provides support and communication capabilities exactly where you need it most to ensure your success through a well-organized and stakeholder-centric program administration

Stirling GM provides program communication details, allowing technical leaders to focus on the important technical operations of your business

Summary of Program Management Capabilities that ensure successful execution of your program

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